Adam Hurt and Beth Williams Hartness

Adam and Beth

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Lots of people play banjo, fiddle, or guitar.  A small subset of those people play them really well. A few of those people are truly outstanding. The tiniest set of musicians play with precision, clarity, grace, and ingenuity that will leave you holding your breath in anticipation of the next note or phrase. In the old time music universe, Adam Hurt and Beth Williams Hartness are in that last very small group.  Adam’s style is intricate and beautiful and is perfectly balanced by Beth’s uniquely delicate finger style guitar. So whether you are drawn to the banjo, fiddle, guitar or traditional songs as may have been sung in generations past, don’t miss this opportunity to see and hear Adam and Beth right here in Southern Maryland!

Adam and Beth on Youtube: Big Scioty/Sail Away Ladies

Potluck: 6:30 pm
Concert: 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $15 – $20 per person
Email Jeff Chumley for reservations
More information on reservations, location, parking etc.