Jake Blount & Tatiana Hargreaves


Jake and Tatiana may be young but there is a lot of old in their old time music. They are both outstanding, award winning musicians so you would expect amazing fiddle and banjo skills and you won’t be disappointed. What you may not expect is such a deep understanding of where the tunes came from and what they meant to the women and men who first played or listened to or danced to them. I can’t quantify/qualify/define or otherwise put my finger on it but you will hear it, feel it, internalize it and I’ll wager the next time you hear someone mispronounce “Appalachian” you will instinctively give them your best withering look and they will look away knowing they are in the presence of a superior being. Thanks Jake. Thanks Tatiana.

Potluck: 6:30
Concert: 7:30
Suggested donation: $15

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