Guitar #14 – Sold

This is my second J-45 size guitar. Rosewood back and sides with maple binding, sitka spruce top and ebony bridge. Mahogany neck with maple bound ebony fingerboard. It’s big. It’s loud. It has a booming bassy bluegrassy sound and I find myself smiling when I play it. It has less definition than the smaller guitars especially when fingerpicked but it produces such a wall of sound it is an entirely different animal.

Guitar #13  Sold

L-00 size with highly figured Katalox back and sides, Torrefied red spruce top, mahogany neck with curly koa bindings and ebony fingerboard and bridge. For it’s size this guitar has a very big sound. A lot of bass but very well balanced across the strings.  It should have no trouble at all cutting through the fiddles and banjos it is destined to play with. Here’s a video of the new owner playing the first tune. Her husband is on fiddle.

Guitar # 11 Sold

J-45 size with East Indian Rosewood back and sides, red spruce top, mahogany neck with maple bindings. This guitar has a huge sound with lots of bass but plenty of treble too. It is a much bigger body than the other guitars I’ve built and has a correspondingly bigger sound. I’m starting work on another one right away. The electronics in this one were by request of the customer and are modeled after the famous Epiphone John Lennon guitar.

Guitar # 12 Sold

L-00 size with Maple back and sides, Red Spruce top and mahogany neck. Koa bindings and headstock overlay. I made the mold for this and my previous L-00 guitar by copying the shape of my 1940 Kalamazoo Oriole. It is a fairly small guitar but the body is quite deep and the sound is full and bright. The maple gives it plenty of zing and it finger picks very well and flat picks pretty well too. It has slightly less bottom end than the rosewood L-00 that was my second flat top but it is a much better finger picker and sounds very nice. It has a slightly drier sound than the rosewood with a little more separation between the notes.

Guitar #10 – Not available

This is an OM size guitar built during a one week class with Robbie O’brien in Parker, Co. It is East Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce with a Mahogany neck and maple bindings. The finish is French Polish. There are a few things that would have been better if the pace of the build could have been slower. The neck profile and the shape of the volute are not as refined as I would like. Also there are some sandpaper marks on the back that shouldn’t be there. I may eventually make those corrections but for now, it is a good sounding guitar.

Photo Credit: Robbie O’brien

Guitar #9 Sold

This guitar is the first L-00 I built.  The wood choices are the same as guitars number 8 and 10. It turned out pretty well. It is a very good flat picking guitar with a big fat sound.

Guitar #8 Not available

This was the first flat top I started and I built  #9 starting a week later. It is an OM using East Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce. It is the result of following Robbie O’Brien’s online steel string course and it turned out really well. It finger picks and flat picks well with a rich sound and plenty of volume.  LIke almost all of the other guitar’s I’ve built it is finished with Nitrocellulose Lacquer. This is my primary playing guitar and has been since I finished it in Dec. 2013.

Guitar #7 Not available

17″ archtop of my own design Western Curly maple back sides and neck, Sitka spruce top Ebony appointments. I had actually built the body of this guitar before I took the class with Dale Unger.  The body looks very similar but I actually designed it myself.  The lower bout is a little less round and the cutaway is slightly different but unless they are side by side it is hard to see. This one has a brighter sound than guitar #7.  It is very good for finger picking but I find it a little bright for a flat pick.

Guitar # 6 Not available

17″ Benedetto shape. European maple back and sides and european spruce top. Hard curly maple neck with ebony bridge, fingerboard, tailpiece, headstock overlay and finger rest. This guitar was built during a week long class with Dale Unger in Nazareth, PA. It was a very good class and I got a lot out of it. The top and back were pre-carved and the sides pre-bent to make it possible to build in a week. It is a great, mellow jazz box.

Guitar #5

I built this Explorer style guitar for my oldest son in his first year of college. That was 2009 I think.


Guitar #5, Son #1

Guitar #4

Flying V silverburst based on My son Adam’s favorite band’s (Mastodon) guitarist Brend Hinds’ guitar. It is quite heavy and I would chamber it more if I were to build another one.

Guitar #3

My own design. I call the color Swamp Burst or Frog Burst. I built this one for me but Adam plays it. It has become his main guitar because the V is so heavy.

Guitar #2 Sold

This one is also my own design. I didn’t build it to sell but as soon as I showed it to my sons’ teacher he wanted it so it was the first guitar I sold.

Guitar #1

My own design. It looks kind of funky and doesn’t sit on a lap well but it plays and sounds just fine. The neck is a bit clubby as is typical of a first guitar. Nice maple.

Instrument # 1: Bluegrass Banjo

Walnut neck and resonator. Maple Rim. Sullivan tone ring. Note celestial theme with SS Enterprise.